1. Give us the link in table below for the blog, article, video, podcast, etc that you read.

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Essential questions regarding technology and the themes:

  1. What progress has technology brought to our world?
  2. What problems has technology brought to our world?
  3. In what aspects of our lives does technology have the ability to transform ( change for the better) the ways in which we do things and see things?


Info and Title of article, blog, podcast, video, etc.

Questions that came up

NPR broadcast and text
Video Games in Schools
(just-right level)
The article says: "They believe video games are key to a new kind of literacy." Does this mean video games are like reading? Why? How? It's not that I agree or disagree, I just want to understand it more.
NY Times article on Cyberbullying
(challenge level)

NY Times article on Plagarism in the Digital Age
(challenge level)

Cool video about what TECHNOLOGY means for working together.